Why "Shineonyou" is cheaper than any other stores?

Q1. Why this store is cheaper than any other store?

A1. The main purpose of this store is not making a lot of profit. I am a self-employed who wants to bring affordable and high-quality products from US, S.Korea, and China. Also, we directly buy products from a manufacturer or wholesales to reduce cost. Also, we recently opened a store, and I do not know how long this price will last. 


Q2. Is your shipping slower than other?

A2. We offer various shipping method for CJ products. We are currently working with CJ company in China. They are very responsible and reliable. If your order is over 1.5kg, we order 4-8 S.F express shipping. (only CJ products) Check our shipping rate


Q3. Is your product quality lower than other stores?

A3. No, We only bring high quality and affordable clothing from S Korea, China, and US. Our great cooperation company CJ always do quality checks before ship it to your destination to reduce any problems. 


Q4. I cannot find my products. are there other styles than Korean or street?

A4. Please send us an email about your wanted clothing and price. We will try to bring that cloth within a week. email: sales@shineonyoushop.com